On my way to running a marathon! Again.

Last night I signed up for the Steamboat Springs Marathon! Woop, woop! Currently, I’m focused on running a sub-2:00 half at That Dam Half the first weekend of March, but after a happy amount of R&R after that race I’m going into full-swing marathon training mode. I’ve signed up for a marathon before, the Denver Rock and Roll this past fall. My heart was definitely not in it. I got about 1/3 of the way through my training schedule and just stop running – cold turkey. I had plenty of excuses for stopping, but mostly I was just burnt out and didn’t have enough intrinsic motivation to keep up with crazy long runs each week. Here’s hoping this upcoming training session is 100x better! I’m still working on my training schedule, but so far I’m planning on a mash-up of Hal Higdon and Advanced Marathoning plans.

Advanced Marthoning

I’ve been feeling really strong on most of my runs so far this year. I’m taking that confidence and hoping it helps me push through this training program so, come June 2, I will be able to call myself a marathoner!

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