Friday night, Family night

Fridays are usually great. Fortunately, today did not fail.

This morning I tried out a newer Les Mills class at the gym – CXWORX. I thought it’d be a perfect fit for me because it’s a quick 30 min strength-focused class that’s done early enough for me to still get to work at a decent time. In all honesty, I didn’t love it. BUT! I’m definitely going to try it a couple more times before giving up. I liked that it focused a lot on dynamic core work, and maybe the only reason I disliked it was because I still need to get the hang of the style and moves. Regardless, this morning they had a free pancake breakfast at the gym, which obviously made it a great morning.

I came home this evening to some homemade calzones – courtesy of mom.

baba on chair

And then we spent about an hour trying to pick out a movie. Nate made the executive decision, and we watched The Man from Nowhere.

And played some games.

Romeo always likes to start a game right before it's time to go home ;)

Romeo always likes to start a game right before it’s time to go home 😉

A happy end to the work week!

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